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Behind the team of "Girls in Town" are people like "you and me", who want to contribute to a world in which everyone likes to live, both privately and in business. This is not in contradiction to our site, where self-employed ladies can offer their professional erotic contacts. On the contrary. The oldest business in the world is still on the edge of society. It is tolerated, but mostly treated rather deprecatingly. We would like to help this "service", which has existed for centuries and will not disappear as long as there are people in the world, to come out of the shadows.
It should be made more socially acceptable, more human and more approachable and especially help ladies in this business to gain more acceptance, respect and enjoyment of their job. Stigmatization may finally come to an end in our modern and digital world. In order to come a little closer to this vision every day, we, as site operators, are targeting attractive, cultivated and demanding people, who still feel the sense of beauty and true passion in themselves, both among the ladies and among potential customers. Fair payment and respectful interaction with each other are our top priority here! Unprofessional behavior and dumping prices are absolutely NOT desired!
And "safety first" is a basic requirement! Here, of course, we appeal to the self-responsibility of each lady, never to sell yourself below value and basically to take good care of yourself. Quality has its price, as is well known, and you will certainly be happy to pay it. It goes without saying that the ladies always treat the customer with respect and friendliness. Only in this way can a fair exchange and an unforgettable dating experience be guaranteed. The fun and joy that can be experienced together should nevertheless remain in the foreground in the "most beautiful secondary matter" in the world.

The "Girls-in-Town" team wishes unforgettable and sensual "Dates for Benefits"!

"Through passion man lives, through reason he merely exists."

-Nicholas Chamfort-

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